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Testimonials - Cash for your junk cars, Weston,FL


Customers Talk. We Listen

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of double checking a company’s status by looking at reviews from real customers. There is no better place to go than directly to the source – and we bring the feedback that our customers have left, straight to you. Have a look at some testimonials below, and don’t forget to do an online search to see even more! We wouldn’t tell you to do this if we weren’t incredibly proud of what our customers are saying about us. We are, because we always do a great job, and we don’t compromise when it comes to the quality of our efforts. Above all, we are true to our word and provide a simplistic experience.

“I was looking around for a scrap car buyer or salvage yard in South Florida. It’s hard to find a place that is willing to pay a reasonable price, and it’s also hard to find a place that is located in the same town. However, I noticed that Cash for Junk Cars Weston was willing to travel to nearby cities. I was so happy to hear this because I was unable to drive my car at all. If I had been able to drive it, I probably would have just sold it to someone off Craigslist like most of my friends do. I’m glad things worked out the way they did, though, because Cash for Junk Cars Weston was awesome!

They came to my town, picked up my pretty beat up car, put it on their truck, paid me and took it away. Everything happened on the same day I called them, too. You can’t really do better than same day pick up and immediate cash, in my opinion. Great place!” – Karly P., Palm Beach area

“You’d think it would be more commonplace to find local businesses that make life easier. It’s not, and on the contrary, when I find a business I’m impressed with, I’m usually so shocked that I will go above and beyond to write a good review and make sure to give them referrals. This has been the case with Cash for Junk Cars Weston. They told me they were willing to pay cash for my 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse, even though I informed them it was missing a side view mirror and a headlight. Most places weren’t interested at all in my car and of course I understand why. Unless it was a mechanic who wanted it for parts, I didn’t foresee anyone buying it.

Anyway, Cash for Junk Cars Weston was able to come to my house because my car wasn’t safe for the road. This saved me tremendously, because pretty much anyone else who showed a remote interest in my car had asked me to bring it to them. Not only that, but this junk car buyer was willing to come to my house the same afternoon I made the initial call. That’s impressive, in my book. I really needed the money and was able to put it towards other important things, because there was no point anymore in putting a dime into my car. Apparently it was useful to them for parts, though. Awesome place!” – Ashley M, Pembroke Pines

“My 2001 Mazda Protégé literally died on me in the middle of the road. I was cruising along I-95 South when all of a sudden it started making a really weird noise. Then, I could feel it “pulling” as I was driving. I pulled over, shut the car off, gave it a minute, and when I went to turn it back on…you guessed it, it wouldn’t start at all. I had been having problems with it for years, but I hadn’t expected it to die in the middle of an extremely busy road. One of my friends had referred me to Cash for Junk Cars Weston and said they were a reputable junk car buyer, so I pulled up their number on Google and they offered to meet me on the side of the road. I was super impressed. I got a friend to pick me up and was able to put the cash towards a brand new Mazda 3. I figured that using the money towards a down payment for a new car was the best way to use it. Thanks for being awesome!” – Christine H., Weston, Florida

A lot of places will go out of their way to hide reviews from you. Not us. We take pride in what we do and in the fact that people think we are a good junk car buyer. Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Weston and other area locals can benefit from our service. If you want to know more about us, or what you will need to junk a car, just give us a call. We will happily discuss details with you over the phone.

Choose Cash for Junk Cars Weston. Choose simplicity.