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 Cash for Junk Cars Weston
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 Cash for Junk Cars Weston

How to get cash for your junk car, Weston,FL


Selling Junk Cars

Salvage Yard in Weston – What We Do

Cash for Junk Cars Weston makes things pretty clear-cut – we pay cash for clunkers in South Florida and take them off your hands. We understand that your old car might just be taking up space in your garage that you could use for other things, like storage. We know that everyone could always use extra cash in their pocket. Here's what we do -

How It Works

A customer calls us from the South Florida area and lets us know that they need a junk car picked up. We ask them some details about the vehicle, like its year, model, make and condition. We then provide them with a price that we are willing to pay them. If they agree to it, we will schedule a time for our tow truck to pick up the car or truck. Or, the customer can always drop off the vehicle to our junk yard in Weston. We do realize that often times, the cars that we buy cannot be driven anymore, which is why we offer our pick up service.

We know customers want an easy process, and that is what we offer. We pick up the car for free, there are no hidden fees, and most of the time we can come and get it on the same day. How easy is that?

Tips from the Experts Regarding Junk Car Sales

  1. Look for reviews on the business you are interested in using. We recommend doing this for everything, from restaurants to bars and everything in between. You should definitely do it when making some sort of sale, especially when it involves a car or truck. Our reviews are positive and you will find some throughout our site, because we are always happy to show off what customers report about us. We do our job and we do it well.
  2. Find out about fees. So many companies try to throw hidden fees in there. We do not do this, ever! We don’t charge you for picking up the car; we don’t charge you for providing you with a price; simply put, there are no hidden fees with Cash for Junk Cars Weston.
  3. Make sure the process is done legally. Maybe you don’t have the keys or title. Often times, this is okay, but you should be asked to provide other information to the junk car buyer. Make sure they are doing everything in accordance with the law. This is why we urge you to use a reputable business like ours rather than a stranger off a site such as Craigslist.
  4. Call around. See how much you can get. Customers are always pleased with the amount we are willing to pay them.  
  5. Always, always, always get a receipt. You need to have proof that the car is no longer owned by you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. We, of course, provide a receipt for the sale.

Call Us

Cash for Junk Cars Weston is looking forward to hearing from you. Let us magically transform your junk car into cash…okay, there is no magic involved, just a smooth, stress-free, trustworthy sale. Remember that we are willing to travel to you so long as you are nearby – areas like Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines and more are covered by our tow truck.

We are here to pay cash for junk cars in Weston, Florida, so give us a call.